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In-Shop Estimates

An in-person estimate is the best way to receive an estimate. When we can see the dent in person we can better discuss the repair options with you.

Drive in estimates for dents like door dings or more complex dents, can generally be accommodated during normal business hours. It’s best to call ahead to ensure availability.

An appointment for Hail Evaluations is generally required, please schedule an estimate by calling 303-245-9500.

Dents By Hand offers a free evaluations and estimates.

These assessments take about 20 minutes. Please bring any paperwork you may have from your insurance company so we can help you better understand just what needs to be done with your vehicle and to better determine repair times.

Photo Estimate Via E-Mail

Emailing us a few photos of your dent or dents is a very convenient option and gives us a better sense of the reparability of your dent through our process. In most cases we can quickly provide you with a good general estimate of what the repair will cost.  

Close visual inspection is necessary for an accurate estimate.

For the most accurate estimate, please provide us with the following:

  • Your vehicle description such as year, make and model.
  • Have the vehicle in solid shade. Reflections on the car are usually not a problem.
  • At least 3 photos of the dent showing it from various angles such as left, right and straight on.
  • A picture that provides a reference to the size of the dent such as the whole door. Close up pictures can make your dent look much larger than it really is.

With this information, we can get a sense of how the impact has traveled along the metal and a better sense of how it will respond to PDR. Issues such as cracked paint or panel distortion from the impact affecting inner structures may indicate a conventional auto body repair is best.

While we can’t really determine if a panel is made of aluminum from a photo alone, you can test the panel by carefully placing a magnet to the metal. Only sheet metal will hold the magnet in place as aluminum is non-ferrous (doesn’t contain iron). It responds differently than regular sheet metal and requires additional work. There is a 25% up-charge for aluminum panels.

Dents By Hand reserves the right to modify or adjust an estimate for PDR that is based upon photos alone. A closer, in-person estimate will be done prior to repairs and communicated to the customer. We can normally keep the quoted repair cost close to the initial emailed estimate, however limitations in photography can interfere with a proper dent analysis.

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