Dents By Hand 

HAIL DAMAGE Repair Services

Our Hail Repair Process (Removing the Storm)

Having been through numerous storm events has given us some unique experiences in working with customers who are rightfully upset that their new car has just been pummeled with hail. For us it’s not just about taking the dents out of the car but creating a space where our customers feel reassured and confident in choosing Dents By Hand to process their claim.  

Hail formation diagram. Now you know how hail is formed.

Our goal is to make your vehicle look better than before it was damaged by the hail storm.  We often will clean up small door dings in the vehicle at no additional charge when we are handling an insurance claim for you.

Most hail damage can be repaired quickly and environmentally friendly with paintless dent repair techniques.

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Download our easy claims guide (in PDF format, about 3 MB)