Hail Repair Process

Having repaired thousands of vehicles and millions of dents, we have a lot of experience around auto hail repair. We are also experts at dealing with the insurance adjusters, in conjunction with properly repairing your vehicle with the best results in mind.

Ideally, we encounter vehicles that require only PDR in order to bring the vehicle back to pre-loss condition. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes we may find slight damage to moldings which the insurance will cover as part of the claim, or instances where the damage is so minor our clients decide to use that towards their deductible. We can address these replacement parts as part of the repair based on availability, along with your needs as well. The choice is yours.

Sometimes vehicles can be so badly damaged that they require a new hood or deck lid with very little straight metal left. We can handle those jobs, as well, as we have direct access to at least two paint booths for painting with quick turnaround time. Most shops try to ignore paint flaws and convince you to accept cracked paint as something they can just touch up. Our goal, however, is to restore the vehicle back to its best, most pristine condition, and we are great at what we do.

Please note, severely damaged roofs in need of actual replacement are the main limitations we encounter. Most body shops want to avoid these jobs due to the invasive nature of the repair and the amount of time required to obtain the new panel and the labor of replacement. 

Another factor to consider are what is called a total loss on a vehicle. When the costs to properly repair are beyond the value of the vehicle itself, we are on your side and can negotiate a proper settlement with your insurance company for a minor fee. The adjuster often doesn’t want to do all the work in properly handling your claim, and that’s why Dents By Hand can be your greatest asset in reaching a fair settlement.

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