Paint Corrections

Most people are familiar with the advantage of protecting the painted surface of their vehicle through waxing or paint sealants. For the most part, these methods do offer some temporary protection, yet are mostly silicone fillers which make the paint appear glossy for a brief period of time.

Harsh conditions — such as intense UV exposure due to the high altitude of Colorado — along with harsh winter conditions and magnesium salt exposure can really challenge your vehicle. Would you like to take your protection to the next level?

Our Paint Correction process can help restore your car’s exterior to that original showroom shine. At Dents By Hand, we can remove many imperfections such as swirl marks, industrial fallout, bird droppings, rail dust, and light scratches along the car’s surface.

Paint correction is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process which requires expert visual awareness and the skill set to perfect the art that goes into restoring the paint.

Using different polishers and specialty compounds, we go through an exacting process to restore your vehicle’s even shine – employing heavier to fine compounds and a refining polish to achieve an impeccable finish.

Deep scratches beyond the clear coat are not fully correctable with this method, but they can often be minimized depending upon the depth of the damage. Damage to the base coat requires repainting procedures outside the scope of this service.

We recommend finishing off the paint correction by applying a sealant or ceramic coating to protect the newly revitalized paintwork and prevent it from slipping to its previous state.

We offer 3 Stages of Paint Corrections

An in-person inspection of the paint conditions is required to get an accurate estimate and assessment of what our paint correction services can do for you.

Signature Hand Wash

Before any paint correction, the paint must be thoroughly cleaned. Any contamination left behind may cause swirl marks during the machine polishing process. A high-pressure rinse is followed by a foam cannon soak to loosen dirt and debris from the paint. An automotive wash brush is then used to gently clean the vehicle followed by another high-pressure rinse. The vehicle is purged with compressed air, then dried with a premium microfiber towel.

Clay Bar Treatment

After the vehicle has been washed and dried, the surface will still have some embedded debris that you can feel by gently moving your hand across the surface. We use a clay bar and a lubricating agent over the entire car, which acts like a fine-tooth comb in industrial fall-out, rail dust and other particles that have lodged or bonded to your vehicle’s exterior. Free of imperfections and blemishes, the smooth surface is now ready for the paint correction process to begin.

Machine Polishing
We are trained/certified in Rupes procedures and employ their products in our correction methods. These quality products are designed to pull out imperfections and contaminates, rather than introducing temporary fillers to the pores of the paint as some products do. Using different polishers, we go through an exacting process to restore your vehicle’s even shine — utilizing dual action polisher and rotary polishers, employing heavier cutting compounds (as needed) and refining polish to achieve an impeccable finish. Throughout this polishing process we continuously gauge the depth of the paint to ensure a smooth even plane. The final jeweling process brings out the full clarity of the paint, while maximizing the deepest shine possible.
Paint Protection

Once the paint has been perfected, we like to put some form of protection on it. This will range from a 30 day paint sealant to various levels of ceramic coatings. Whatever your needs or budget, the vehicle will be left with some form of protection. After the protection is applied, the vehicle is then pulled outside for a thorough inspection. Some coatings may require additional time to cure.