Boulder Colorado Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an excellent solution for the damaging hail storms that hit certain parts of Colorado each year. Typically beginning in late May, these storms can strike upon us rather quickly and cause devastating damage in a matter of minutes.

Having repaired thousands of vehicles and millions of dents, we have a lot of experience around auto hail repair. We are also experts at dealing with the insurance adjusters, in conjunction with properly repairing your vehicle with the best results in mind.



The Process

Our Process is well organized and designed with our clients in mind.

Your car insurance company may tell you to take the vehicle to a particular Boulder, Colorado body shop within their network as a cost-saving measure for them. You have the choice of where your vehicle gets repaired so don’t feel pressured or steered towards a particular shop that saves them money.

Our work is covered by a lifetime warranty! – Call us Today!

Most body shops are not fond of Boulder, Colorado hail repairs and would rather avoid them. They make their money by replacing panels and repainting cars from collision damage. PDR is a service typically sublet out from within their shops.

Your deductible is a charge the insurance will deduct from the check they issue for the repairs and the body shop will be collecting that amount from you, out of pocket.

Dents By Hand has a generous deductible assistance program for our clients, geared towards reducing your deductible, or eliminating it all together. We know legal methods which allow you to stay in the good graces of your insurance coverage yet result in ZERO out of pocket expense on your part. Our Hail Evaluation process will determine what we can do for you!

The Dents by Hand Benefits:

  • Generous Deductible Assistance – often ZERO out of pocket expense for qualified claims
  • Free Hail Evaluations – to determine if your damage is a good candidate for our process
  • We Handle Insurance Claims Process – we deal directly with the insurance company
  • Pre/Post Scans – electronic scans with vehicle computer
  • IMI Certified for EV/Hybrid Vehicles – safely work on vehicles with high voltage systems
  • Quick Turnaround Time – More efficient than auto body repairs
  • Virtual Consultations – Contactless reviews with insurance adjusters/clients
  • Valet Service – Pick-up and delivery options with hail claims
  • Wash & Disinfect – Safety and service



We work with most insurance companies and offer generous deductible assistance., often with ZERO out of pocket expense for qualified claims.
We also offer free hail evaluations to determine if your damage is a good candidate for our process.


PDR produces better results than traditional body work at a fraction of the cost and in a short amount of time. Small dents or dings can be removed in less than an hour. Larger dents are often done within the same day and hail damage repairs are completed within one to three days.


The Paintless Dent Repair process is a Green Solution as no hazardous chemicals are released into the environment. Your choice helps us better protect the environment!